Top 10 Best Gymnastics Chalks 2021 Reviews

Before performing any gymnastics, you will want to ensure your safety. The simplest way to do so lies in applying gymnastics chalk to your hands. This chalk enhances the grip by protecting your hands from slipping off the bars to protect you from falling. However, gymnastics chalk is not created equally, which means that choosing the wrong chalk could affect its effectiveness. To safeguard you from settling for poor-quality gymnastics chalk, reviewed below are the 10 best gymnastics chalks. Read on:

10. Z ATHLETIC 36lb Box Gymnastics Chalk (ZATH-Chalk-36-T)

The ZATH-Chalk-36-T is a high-quality type of gym chalk. It is made of 100% pure magnesium carbonate. This material is durable and safe to assure you of getting chalk that will provide long-lasting and reliable performance for sensitive individuals. The chalk comes in a package that has 36 packs of 1lbs block chalk.

Purchasing this item means that you can expect to receive 288 packages of 2oz block chalk. Besides purchasing this chalk for gymnastics, you can get it for weight lifting exercises and climbing, thanks to the ability to improve the grip for grip-sensitive activities.

Highlighted features
100% pure magnesium carbonate for durability and safety.
The individual packaging ensures easy handling.

9. Z Athletic Chalk Ball for Gymnastics

The Z Athletic Chalk Ball responds to the need for long-lasting and versatile gymnastics chalk. It is made of 100% pure magnesium carbonate. This means that the chalk is free of pigments, additives, and fragrance, a measure that assures you of getting chalk that is safe for use by children and adults.

Adding to that, this chalk excludes added scents, dyes, and fillers for safety when used by sensitive people. The chalk is contained in a 100% cotton sock. This means that to coat the hand, you are required to squeeze the ball so that it can disperse the chalk without much spills. Besides gymnastics, the chalk is ideal for rock climbing, weight lifting, and bouldering.

Highlighted features
The chalk is constructed of 100% pure magnesium carbonate.
It is non-toxic and free of pigment and fragrance.
The chalk is contained in 100% cotton sock.

8. EggMr Chalk Bag with 2 Chalk Balls

For premium-quality gymnastics chalk, I would recommend that you purchase the EggMr Chalk Bag with 2 Chalk Balls. The chalk bag is made of durable nylon with a water-resistant coating. On the inside, it features a soft fleece lining for optimal chalk retention and comfort.

The bag features an adjustable drawstring closure that closes the opening tightly to prevent chalk spillage. Two refillable chalk balls are included to give you the best value for money. Also, there is a mini carabiner and a central loop point on the bag for easy clipping onto any harness.

Highlighted features
Water-repellant nylon protects water from leaking into the chalk bag.
Robust stitching on the chalk bag enhances durability.
Adjustable drawstring reduces chalk spills.

7. Gymnastics Chalk for Weight Lifting, Rock Climbing, Gymnastics

Next, come in the Gymnastics Chalk for Weight Lifting. This chalk is made of 100% magnesium carbonate. This means that it is a high-quality and pure chalk that will help you to improve the grip for reduced bar slippage. What’s more, the chalk supports use with gloves and grips, a measure that aids to increase the grip on any piece of equipment.

Highlighted features
The chalk is made of pure magnesium carbonate.
It can be used with grips and gloves.

6. Z Athletic Chalk Ball for Gymnastics

The best gymnastics chalk, whether you need chalk for powerlifting, indoor rock climbing, pull-up bars, weight lifting, or outdoor rock climbing is the Z Athletic Chalk Ball. The chalk is made of high-quality 100% pure magnesium carbonate. The chalk is contained inside a 100% cotton sock to reduce spillage.

Suitable for kids and adult’s use, the chalk is free of fillers, additives, dyes, pigments. And added scents for guaranteed user safety. Still, this chalk is designed to last. The reason is that it is less messy while compared to loose chalk or block chalk.

Highlighted features
Pure magnesium carbonate guarantees user safety.
100% cotton sock contains chalk to prevent spillage.
The chalk ball is available in an average size of 2oz or 3oz.

5. 321 STRONG 300 Gram (10.58 oz) Loose Gym Chalk

Improve your grip during weight lifting or rock climbing once you use the 321 STRONG Loose Gym Chalk. The chalk comes in a zip-top bag. This means that after use, you can reseal the top of the bag to protect the chalk from spilling. The chalk is safe for use by kids and adults, thanks to the pigment-free, non-toxic, and premium-grade construction.

Highlighted features
A re-sealable bag for mess-free storage.
Premium grade chalk for safety and durability.
The fine powder size adheres well to the hands.

4. Friction Labs Magic Chalk Ball

The Friction Labs is a high-quality gymnastics chalks best suited for people looking for gymnastics chalk that is safe to use. It is toxic-free and pigment-free for safe use by kids and adults. The chalk is made of magnesium carbonate for durability. This material can help you overcome grip problems caused by humidity, sunscreen, rain, and sweat. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, you can apply the chalk when handling gymnastics bars, powerlifting exercises, rock climbing, CrossFit exercises, or weight lifting exercises.

Highlighted features
The reusable chalk ball provides a long-lasting grip.
The chalk provides a soft feel for user comfort.
No additives in the chalk for guaranteed safety.

3. 321 STRONG Refillable Chalk Ball

Increase your grip as you aim to reduce slips and drops during weight-lifting exercises after applying the 321 Strong Chalk. The chalk is contained in refillable chalk balls for mess-free application. It is made of non-toxic and pigment-free material for user safety. The chalk highlights a fine powder size that flows smoothly through the sock. The cotton sock features a drawstring closure to reduce messes and spills.

Highlighted features
The fine powder flows perfectly through the sock.
The chalk ball fits into waist bags.
Non-toxic and unscented for guaranteed user safety.

2. Ader Gym Chalk

The Ader Gym Chalk is high-quality chalk suitable for most hands-on exercises. You can get it for use by powerlifters, kettlebell users, bodybuilders, and rock climbers. The chalk is made of 100% pure magnesium carbonate for user safety. It can help you maintain dry hands for a secure grip. One lbs box contains eight individual 2oz blocks of the chalk.

Highlighted features
Premium-quality magnesium carbonate for durability.
A one–pound box contains eight 2oz blocks.

1. Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

Work without a trace after applying the Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk. The chalk reduces chalk dust, it allows for clean application, and thanks to the backpack-friendly design, it is an excellent choice for taking along. The liquid chalk can seep deep into the hands for a long-lasting grip. It can protect the hands from cracking and over-drying for reliable protection of the hands.

Stripped of artificial drying agents, this chalk helps to maintain balanced PH for healthy skin. The gymnastics chalk can help you overcome slippery grips as a result of rain, sweat, oils, and humidity. Also, it can clean the hands naturally to get rid of grime and gunk for improved hygiene.

Highlighted features
Alcohol-free formula.
High-purity magnesium carbonate provides excellent moisture absorption.
Skin-friendly and non-toxic gymnastics chalk for user safety.


The best gymnastics chalk absorbs the sweat on your hands to help you achieve an excellent grasp of the gymnastics bar. Therefore, purchase one of the reviewed products to protect your hands from slipping for guaranteed user safety.

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